Tori Amos Issues A Challenge To Metal Bands

Posted by on September 22, 2011


Most people know singer/songwriter Tori Amos for her softer, piano based alt pop music. However, in a new interview with Spinner, Amos claimed that the emotion in her music could take down the ‘hardest fucking heavy metal band on any stage in the world.”

The comment aroused when Amos was asked whether she was surprised that pro wrestler Mick Foley (who is also a major supporter of Amos’ anti-sexual assault organization RAINN) was a big fan of her music. In response, she said the following:

“Well, look, sometimes you don’t know how music affects people. I embrace that because I don’t think that just because I talk about emotional stuff that it’s not motherfucker stuff. I’ll stand next to the hardest fucking heavy metal band on any stage in the world and take them down, alone, by myself. Gauntlet laid down, see who steps up. See who steps up! I’ll take them down at 48. And they know I will. Because emotion has power that the metal guys know is just you can’t touch it. Insanity can’t touch the soul. It’s going to win every fucking time.”

Before we start critiquing her “challenge,” it should be noted that Amos is no stranger to the metal scene. She previously covered Slayer’s “Raining Blood” on her 2001 album Strange Little Girls, which Kerry King himself said he found “weird.” In addition, Amos was in a synth pop rock group called Y Kant Tori Read with Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum before breaking it big as a solo artist. Then again, Y Kant Tori Read’s music video doesn’t really defend Amos’ metal cred.

Now in regards to her claim that she could kick the heaviest metal guys ass with her emotion filled songs, Ms. Amos obviously never heard Carcass’ heart wrenching classic “Vomited Anal Tract.” I get teary eyed every time I hear the lyric “Your colon digested into acidic slush, Your tongue gargling on your dislocated anus.” Oh how that brings back memories… Seriously, though, not every metal band is limited to expressing their feelings through gory tales of decapitation, as bands like Opeth have proven. Nonetheless, it would be fun to see if any metal bands take Amos up for the challenge (Amos vs. Corpsegrinder in a sing-off? Fingers crossed).

Until then, the closest we’ll see Tori Amos singing metal is through her eerie cover of Slayer’s “Raining Blood,” which can be heard in the video above. Live footage of her performing the song can be seen after the jump.


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