Remember When Mark McGrath Liked Gorgoroth?

Posted by on October 18, 2012

While everyone deservedly gives Sugar Ray shit for existing, their first two albums really weren’t that terrible. Definitely more punk/metal than anything else, that changed with the last song on their second album, Floored. The reggae-lite song “Fly” was awful, but it became a hit and shaped the rest of the band’s career. Then frontman Mark McGrath got a job as a host of celebrity gossip show Extra, and the rest is history.

However, we were talking to a friend last night and he referenced the fact that McGrath once showed up to an event wearing a Gorgoroth shirt. That sounded like something that never would have happened, but thanks to the internet, we were able to quickly confirm that it actually did. Is McGrath really a fan of the Norwegian black metal band? Who knows more of the other’s catalog? It’s entirely conceivable that the former Sugar Ray frontman is legitimately into black metal, although somewhat doubtful, Either way, we love the way his stylist cut the shirt for him.

[thanks Bob, we needed this]

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