chiara-de-blasio-00On Wednesday, Mayor elect Bill de Blasio takes office as the Mayor of New York City following a 12 year run by Mike Bloomberg. And while the new Mayor’s rise from a New York City public advocate to assuming the helm of America’s largest city is interesting enough, his family’s might be even more interesting. Take, for one, his daughter, 19 year-old Chiara de Blasio. The college sophomore was asked about her taste in music by Teen Vogue:

Her music of choice? All metal everything: “Old school metal, thrash metal, death metal, the new wave of British heavy metal. In terms of more modern stuff, I’ve gotten into Scandinavian, folk, and Viking metal. Dante loves metal now too, thanks to me.” No, she doesn’t mosh (anymore, that is), and her taste only spreads out from there, from classic rock to the Wu-Tang Clan.

Ok, that right there is amazing. The Dante she refers to is her 16 year-old brother, so she’s passing it on to the younger blood. So if you’re at a show in NYC any time soon, and see a kid with a distinctive afro, say hello to the new Mayor’s son! We’re sure he’s more than welcome at Saint Vitus Bar, which is where we first heard about this.