Ke$ha Loves Metal

Posted by on January 15, 2010


Other than a hot young blonde with the #1 single and album in the country, who is Ke$ha? Judging from the above video from Metal Hammer, she’s a metalhead. Or at least kind of. Way back in November before she was a household name anywhere, the magazine corralled her into listening to a handful of metal songs. She says in the interview that she developed her taste for heavy music by raiding her older brother’s record collection for punk and metal albums, but “I just love cock rock.”

That’s apparent by her favorite of the tracks surveyed, Steel Panther’s “Eyes of a Panther.” In fact, she says she wants “to make sweet love to all of them.” However, she also digs Slayer’s “Psycopathy Red” and songs from Protest the Hero, Devildriver (“I’d bet this would be fun live if you were drunk”), Megadeth and Every Time I Die (“he doesn’t look like he can scream like this. He looks like a baby angel!”). And this is worth watching just for her interpretation of Rammstein’s “Pussy.” Between this and Lady Gaga, we might have to get prepare ourselves for some pop-metal crossovers in the coming months.

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