Is Christina Hendricks Wearing A Down Shirt?

Posted by on August 3, 2010

One of the many reasons you should be watching Mad Men is Christina Hendricks, who gives a nuanced portrayal as Joan Holloway, the office manager at ’60s ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper and Price. She also happens to be smoking hot and cartoonishly voluptuous. But is she also a Down fan? Best Week Ever has unearthed some high school yearbook pictures of her from the early ’90s, and not only is 17 year-old Hendricks from Fairfax High School in Virginia still hot in a gothy sort of way, it sure looks a  lot like she’s wearing a Down shirt.

In actuality, the odds are stacked against Hendricks modeling a shirt for the southern sludge supergroup . While the band had formed in 1991, they still hadn’t released their self-titled debut when this picture was taken, likely in 1992 or 1993.  While they might have had merch by then, it’s unlikely that most people outside of New Orleans would have heard the band, much less bought their shirts, until 1995 when their first album was released. But if that actually is a Down shirt, the perfect woman just got even more perfect. We’ve included a Down logo after the jump – you be the judge.

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