Talk about a company that’s made an amazing comeback. Despite seeing new competition from smart phones and online streaming, as well as illegal downloading for that matter, Sirius XM ended 2010 by surpassing 20 million subscribers. Sure, we already reported that back in December, but recently brought a new interesting fact to our attention: the satellite radio company currently has more subscribers than Netflix!

While the on-demand video streaming company also finished the year with just over 20 million subscribers, Sirius XM currently has 20.19 million subscribers, making them the second largest subscription media platform (right behind Comcast). Granted, this victory is surely going to be short lived since Netflix is constantly growing. However, it’s pretty astonishing that Sirius XM has been able to accomplish such a feat considering that just two years ago they were reporting major declines in subscribers. Pretty great news for the satellite radio company many considered as good as dead in the past.