Russian The Exploited fan stabbed to death in after confronting neo-nazis

Posted by on February 23, 2017


While it’s certainly not anything new, clashes between anti-fascists (or Antifa) and those they’re in opposition to have been in the news quite a bit more in the past year or so. Last June, an Antifa activist sprayed pepper spray into a crowd at a Taake show. Later that year, pressure from the loosely organized faction led Norwegian festival Blastfest to cancel the appearance of Peste Noire, a band that has been suspected of being NSBM. Just last week, a Marduk show was cancelled in Oakland after pressure from Antifa. While those last two instances might seem a bit reactionary, there’s a legitimate reason for their protesting, as was proven at a show in St. Petersburg, Russia last Saturday, where a fan was stabbed to death outside a show from The Exploited for trying to stop a broup of neo-Nazzis from seig heiling. As translated by Life.Ru:

In St. Petersburg, after Saturday’s concert of the punk band The Exploited, which took place at the club “Cosmonaut”, killed one of the visitors of the event. As it became known to Life, the house 15 Bronnitskaya street fight ensued, which ended in a stabbing, leaving 27-year-old Igor I. wounded.

Arriving emergency workers diagnosed the victim’s stab wound of the abdomen. However, despite the assistance provided, the young man died in a car during the medical resuscitation.In the words of Catherine, the deceased friend, Igor together with a friend after a concert was near the club, when there appeared a group of young people, supposedly right-wing views.

– Igor asked them not to “zigovat”, after which the scuffle ensued, and he’s got a knife in the gut – told Life girl.
Eyewitnesses claim that the offender then fled the scene. Now law enforcement officers looking for him.
the young man’s body transported to his homeland, in Mogilev, where the funeral will take place.

For their part, The Exploited have made a statement about it on their Facebook page. Metal Injection points out that while they made the below statement, they’re deleting comments by those that appear to be sympathetic towards the guy that was killed, or are stating their views. This page has a screen shot of a remark that was deleted. At any point, it’s a bummer that a music fan went to see a show and lost his life for it.


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