By now you’re probably tired of all the back and forth reports surrounding a Black Sabbath reunion. However, the latest update gives fans a little more hope. In an interview with Terrorizer, Tony Iommi (the first member to let rumors slip) supposedly confirmed that the four original members indeed rehearsed together recently for the first time in years.

When asked about whether the original Sabbath lineup would be reuniting soon, Iommi revealed the following:

“We’ve had a rehearsal and played some of the old stuff and to be together again was great. We’re all on good terms and we’re at a stage where we can play together again. It would be good if we could and I suppose it’s the closest it’s been to be able to do that. It could happen!”

Keep in mind, though, that it’s unclear as to when this rehearsal actually took place (we assume during the Summer, but we’re unsure exactly when the interview was conducted). And like Ozzy’s recent comments, Iommi expresses optimism about a reunion but also hints that nothing is set in stone. While the reunion could still be far away from happening, it is exciting to hear that there is a little activity happening within the Black Sabbath camp again. Although, it wouldn’t be surprising if Iommi released a statement downplaying this new update, nor would it be the first time.