Phil Anselmo To Play Dimebash 2010?

Posted by on October 29, 2010

In a recent interview with Artisan News, Slayer guitarist Kerry King may have revealed a huge surprise for tonight’s Dimebash 2010, an all star tribute show to late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell. When asked about his participation of the event, he said the following:

“Rita’s [Haney, Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend] busting my balls to do it, and I told her I would if she got me a real singer, ‘cause you never know who’s gonna show up. So she goes, ‘Phil Anselmo [Pantera, Down], Chuck Billy [Testament], Robb Flynn [Machine Head]… Are those good enough?’ And I’m, like, ‘Fuck, I’ll do it with any one of those guys.’ But I’m gonna see her tonight. I haven’t committed, but I guess she committed me. [Laughs] Oh, Dave’s [Lombardo, Slayer drummer] doing it, for sure. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do it.”

So wait, did King just reveal that Phil Anselmo will be at the show?! That would be truly unbelievable, especially since we all know the history between Phil and the Abbott brothers (Dimebag and Vinnie Paul). Anselmo has stated in the past that he  hopes to mend fences with his former Pantera band member, but the feeling hasn’t been mutual. In fact, Vinnie Paul and Rita have made huge efforts to not include Anselmo in past events, including Dimebag’s funeral and memorial service. So it would certainly be a big deal to see Anselmo join the stage for the tribute show.

However, this should still be noted as just a rumor. It is very possible that names were just thrown around when Rita spoke with King. Even King jokingly said how she basically committed him before he gave a definite yes. Either way, we will find out for sure when the event kicks off tonight at the Key Club in West Hollywood. You can watch Artisan News’ video report of the event, featuring the interview with King, below.


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