Motley Crue To Make A “Big” Announcement On ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ This Week

Posted by on November 29, 2011

It’s been revealed that Motley Crue will be appearing on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on this Thursday (December 1) and Friday’s (December 2) editions. The band will reportedly be making a “big announcement” on the hour long talk show. What could the announcement be?

Well, loving to tease, Motley Crue have posted a “hint” (which you can see off to the side), and are promising to post a second one tomorrow. Adding onto the speculation is bassist Nikki Sixx, who (in addition to hinting at big news for his other band Sixx A.M.) posted a picture with the following description on Facebook:

“Your guesses were good for something else,but not for this……If we went back in “history” and it was a rattlesnake it would of bit you in the ass..The hint couldn’t be any clearer if it was the nose on your face..Let me make this clearer for you…:)….Any ideas now?”

To be honest, we have no clue as to what the hints imply. However, this comes just a few weeks after rumors of a Motley Crue Las Vegas residency leaked. Could Motley Crue be heading to Las Vegas for a month long residency? Will Vince Neil and Tommy Lee actually be competing with girls, girls, girls on the Strip for an audience? Guess we’ll just have to wait till Thursday to find out for sure.

[Update: Motley Crue have confirmed their three week residency in Las Vegas]

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