Is Anthrax Playing A Surprise Show?

Posted by on August 10, 2011

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian recently posted this link via his Facebook page with the text “These guys rule!!!” The link leads to the screen shot as seen off to the side. What does this mean, you ask? Well, all clues point to Anthrax performing a “surprise” show at New York’s Best Buy Theater (or alternately,  at a Best Buy) on September 12, a day before their new album Worship Music hits stores.

What leads us to such a conclusion, you ask? Well, besides the recognizable “Not Man” logo (which has also been recently seen as “The Devil You Know” digital single’s artwork), the band name sounds vveerryy familiar. For those who don’t obsess over Anthrax trivia like us, “Bud E Luv Bomb And Satan’s Lounge Band” was a b-side on Among The Living. Not to mention that the band will be playing a few days later at Yankee Stadium with a few other bands. So either Bud E Luv Bomb and Satan’s Lounge Band will be making their live debut, or Anthrax is performing a release party in a Best Buy (or a Best Buy Theater).

The website promises that more information about the “Satan’s Lounge Band” show will be revealed soon. While we wait for an update, let’s listen to a tune…


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