Have Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Split Up?

Posted by on April 15, 2013

The release of his first album with Black Sabbath since 1978 might not be the only milestone that Ozzy Osbourne is going through right now. According to TMZ, the singer and his wife, manager Sharon Osbourne, have temporarily separated from each other. The article is short on details, but quotes sources connected with the couple stating that Sharon is staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel while Ozzy is living at a rented house several miles away. While initial reports said that the couple had moved out of the home while it was undergoing renovations, that’s apparently not the case. The couple have been married for 31 years, and according to the article, have no plans to divorce.

While this is a TMZ headline today, just yesterday, Jack Osbourne dismissed an article that ran in yesterday’s UK tabloid The Sunsaying via tweet: “It’s all bullshit. Last time I check a lot of British newspapers weren’t amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on…” The Sun‘s article is much more detailed than TMZ’s, with pictures of movers, shots of the couple without rings on, and a quote from Sharon, who had a double mastectomy, saying “He is getting on my new tits.” Yet UK tabloids generally play fast and loose with the truth, and for the most part, when something appears on TMZ, it’s been thoroughly vetted. A spokesperson for the couple said that they’re “still together,” according to Blabbermouth. But it’s conceivable that as Ozzy’s manager, Sharon could continue to work with her husband even if she’s separated from him. We’ll continue to monitor this and give you updates.

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