Fired drum tech reveals Slipknot lineup

Posted by on December 3, 2014

Wondering if Krokodil bassist Alessanddro Venturella and Jay Weinberg are the bassist and drummer of Slipknot? According to now fired drum tech Norm Costa, now you know. Apparently, Costa was working with the band and isn’t any longer, as he posted several pictures on Instagram stating that Weinberg is indeed the drummer of the ‘Knot and Alessandro their bassist.

The first picture was of a drum kit, presumably Weinberg’s, with the hashtags #jayweinberg, #slipknot, #newdrummer and #fuckslipknot. When ask if he was teching for them in the thread, Costa replied “I was, no longer.” The second picture is presumably of a tour document listing the tour personnel with Venturella’s and Weinberg’s names listed with the same #fuckslipknot tag, as well as #blowitup. Hopefully Costa has another line of work aside from drum teching, because this definitely will get him blacklisted with many bands, tours and management companies. That being said, it’s a little ridiculous that Slipknot have gone to such lengths to not reveal those two were in the band. It would have been a great reveal right around the time the album came out.

[via Metal Injection]

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