Tom Morello has been pretty vocal about Rage Against The Machine’s lack of future plans. However, Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler let something interesting slip in a recent interview. When asked if Brad Wilk (who plays drums on the new album) would be touring with Sabbath this year, Butler said they still weren’t sure since the drummer might have “commitments with Rage Against The Machine.” What could said “commitments” be? Well, Morello took to Twitter to confirm what it definitely won’t be: a new Rage Against The Machine album.

When ask by a fan via tweet (well, more like begged) whether RATM was recording a new album, Morello simply replied “’fraid not.” He then further drove the point home by tweeting “Appreciate the enthusiasm but ‘no new rage album’ is kinda like ‘not seeing a unicorn’. It’s not exactly NEWS.” He did reveal, though, that a new album from his Nightwatchman solo alter-ego is in the works. So there you have it, no new Rage Against The Machine album anytime soon… though he doesn’t deny any other “commitments” Rage Against The Machine may have this year. Although we still wouldn’t hold our breath for anything from the RATM camp.