Suffocation breathes life into Central Pennsylvania

Posted by on December 3, 2019

Suffocation @ Reverb Nightclub – Reading, Pennsylvania, November 23, 2019

Death metal veterans Suffocation rode into Reading, Pennsylvania this past month and we were on hand to check out the show.

Suffocation has had a large and loyal following in this part of Pennsylvania for as long as I can remember, and many folks were on hand to check out this performance with new vocalist Ricky Myers. Ricky did a fantastic job with all of the band’s material, and let’s face it, he has some rather large shoes to fill with the retirement of Frank Mullen.

Derek Boyer seemed to be particularly on point with this show (not that he ever isn’t), but for some reason, his bass sounded perfect in this venue. Boyer is always great to watch. Gotta love his headless bass with the signature metal point that he often rests directly on the stage while he’s providing the massive low end for Suffocation’s challenging songs.

Of course, Derek Boyer isn’t the only living legend in this band, what would Suffocation be without Terrance Hobbs? Often imitated, never replicated, Hobbs was in full force with his divebombs, trills, finger tapping and sweep patterns.  Much of the crowd was camped out in front of his section of the stage and just watched in awe with mouths agape.

The band launches a European tour with Belphegor and Hate in 2020. Definitely check them out.




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