Review: Unleash The Archers introduce ‘Abyss’ with record release virtual event

Posted by on August 28, 2020


While we could continue to express how 2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years one could have ever imagined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we could also remember some of this year’s highs. For the bands who pushed forward releasing new music, one thing is for sure, Unleash the Archers’ new record, Abyss will be remembered as their strongest album to date. Despite all obstacles, including their tour with Dragonforce being cut short, releasing a new record when the United States’ unemployment rate was at an all-time high in years, these Canadian power/melodic metallers pushed forward and did not disappoint.

Continuing to move through the odds that’s been standing against just about everyone in 2020, Unleash The Archers held a special, fully produced virtual concert on Saturday (22nd), to celebrate their new album, which was released on August 21st via Napalm Records (order here). While we understand nothing will ever beat a live show’s experience as many miss our friends and fellow concert buddies, Unleash the Archers brought in the perfect recipe for a virtual concert experience. The multi-camera angles gave viewers an authentic experience as though they were on the stage with the group. The major downfall of the event will (and just like all live streams), naturally make you miss going to shows. Perhaps that was the point. The way the stage was lit to the backdrop and overall energy from the band, would make you wish you were attending your local go-to venue and seeing your friends at shows when life was once “normal” pre-COVID days. 

Performance-wise, Brittney Slayes led the event as she improvised to connect with fans while having no physical attendees. Slayes asked all to gather around their couch, headbang, etc., and also mentioned how they didn’t have to do that either. The singer was realistic during the set admitting no one knows when shows would return to normal. Regardless, the group provided a different setlist from what fans were familiar with and executed songs flawlessly from their new album. 




Through Stars (live debut)


The Matriarch

Cleanse the Bloodlines

General of the Dark Army

Test Your Metal

Tonight We Ride


Legacy (live debut)

The Wind that Shapes the Land (live debut)

Afterlife (live debut)


Check out Unleash The Archers’ new music video for “Faster Than Light” below:


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