Necronomicon casts a spell over Pennsylvania

Posted by on November 26, 2019

Legendary 30+ year veterans of extreme metal, Necronomicon blasphemed their way to Reading, Pennsylvania this past November 23, 2019 and Metal Insider was there!

It was a dark and dreary night out in Central Pennsylvania, more than appropriate for the H.P. Lovecraft inspired masters from Quebec. Though the roads were wet and slippery, Necronomicon was warmly welcomed by the crowd at the Reverb club – a venue that more and more metal bands are choosing to play these days given the friendly and welcoming staff without the bullshit attitude. You generally know the club is good when nearly everyone working there is headbanging and signing along with the fans.

Rob “The Witch,” mastermind behind the band, belted the crowd into a frenzy, quite literally, as he performed his trademark hair whip time and time again during the band’s set. Rob’s adrenaline filled performance is one of the key draws of this band. He’s intense and active onstage, but at the same time, doesn’t give up any of his technical prowess on guitar or vocals. Rob’s likability was clearly also evident after the band’s set as many fans lined up at the merch table to shake hands and take photos.

This show almost didn’t happen (but luckily it did) as the band’s SUV hit a giant buck a number of days back in the middle of Missouri. The band’s vehicle was completely out of commission, and unfortunately, Necronomicon had to miss a few shows. While a massive head on collision might spell the end of a tour for most bands, Rob and company were determined to get back on the road and deliver their occult metal to the wealth of cult fans who hadn’t seen the band in the States in some time. There’s no doubt the Reading crowd was grateful as they got to hear some of the newest record (which you should get if you already haven’t), Unus, performed live for the first time.

If, for some reason, you still haven’t checked out Necronomicon, you should. This band is going to give you really deep and blistering riffs in front of some of wickedly fast and precise drumming. The performance has touches of the symphonic that gives the music a bit more complexity and richness. Overall, with sonics straddling both the black and death genres, there’s an awful lot to love about this band and they are. Without any doubt, worth checking out live when the come to your town.

Check out our interview with Rob “The Witch” here.

Order the new record, Unus, here.




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