Melvins TV 3 Live Stream Takes Us Back to the Public Access Days… kind of

Posted by on May 3, 2021


This past weekend the Melvins released their third live streaming event entitled simply, Melvins TV 3. The first couple of songs was primarily geared for the lovers of the kindly, softer, acoustic version of the band as the guys relied more on melody than distortion. This changed about 30 minutes in when the band broke into “A Growing Disgust,” and it entered the more fuzzy phase of the performance.

The show itself, especially in the beginning segment had a very “public access feel” to it. Those of you who remember watching bands perform in a bare bones studio with dated, low end production equipment will know what I’m talking about. Long before YouTube and Macbook Pros, public access was the way you got your band promoted for very little cash. Of course, this also resulted in very little viewers, but there is a certain nostalgia there for those of us who remember those days.

The visual effects and videography get a bit more advanced as the stream progresses, bringing new textures. What doesn’t change, is the fact that they never take their masks off, and the fact that they remain as classic as ever. In a world of constant change, it’s good to know that they Melvins haven’t.

Some key things we learn from the stream:

  • We learned King Buzzo doesn’t swim in public pools.
  • Dale plays pickleball and has a hot tub at his house.
  • Interviewing musicians with masks on is pretty awful.
  • King Buzzo wears his mask in the shower.

Set list:

Acoustic set-
Dark Brown Teeth
Up the Dumper
Electric part-
Growing Disgust
With Teeth
The Bit
Eye Flies


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