Behemoth has raised the bar when it comes to livestream shows. This year, the music industry has been hit hard following the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the entire globe. While concerts are starting to pick up, the life and shows we remember that took place just over six months ago remain uncertain. Bands had to think quickly and reinvent the wheel to connect with their fans. We’ve watched artists perform in their pajamas, bands have streamed a set from their rehearsal space, and others have taken to Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook to have live Q&A sessions. Metallica have also stepped up to the table to bring over twenty consecutive weeks of their #MetallicaMonday series. However, Behemoth’s Absentia Dei livestream spectacular took place on September 5th from a secret church location in Poland, which is one event that has everyone begging for a Bluray release. 

The stream was for mature audiences only (18+), and fans had a choice to view the event from 8 different camera angles in the multi-camera shoot or to watch the Director’s cut version. Our experience of the four-act event is from the Director’s cut. The stream ran like a movie, which included haunting rituals and a Behemoth show filled with fire, brutality, and an incredible setlist. It was a performance that left viewers craving for more. It is easily the best livestream we have seen thus far with outstanding production value. They’ve surpassed our expectations in every way imaginable. This was perhaps the closest replacement you can get to an actual live show. While nothing beats a live concert, Behemoth made up for it by creating a film-like event with a performance that they wouldn’t always be able to pull off live.

The stream was available for 72 hours, which is longer than other livestream events. Seventy-two hours isn’t long enough for this extraordinary event as this will be well worth to be a standalone Bluray bundle release. Behemoth has again surprised their fans as they will release a re-issue of their debut EP, And the Forests Dream Eternally, this Friday (18th) via Metal Blade Records (pre-order here). 




Act I

Evoe (Live debut)

Wolves ov Siberia

Prometherion (First performance since 2011)

From the Pagan Vastlands (First performance since 2009)

Act II

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

Antichristian Phenomenon

Conquer All



Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

Satan’s Sword (I Have Become)

Ov Fire and the Void

Chwała mordercom Wojciecha (997-1997 dziesięć wieków hańby)

As Above So Below

Slaves Shall Serve

Chant for Eschaton 2000

Act IV

Sculpting the Throne ov Seth (First performance since 2015)


Decade of Therion

O Father O Satan O Sun!