Greg Puciato Goes Retro with Live Streaming Event and Metal Insider Was There!

Posted by on December 14, 2020

Photo Credit: Jim Louvau

Greg Puciato has quickly become a household name even outside the world of the Dillinger Escape Plan as he’s really come into his own as a solo artist and key member of Killer Be Killed. While normally I’d be covering Greg’s show live in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland after a record release, we’re all stuck at home waiting for these vaccine vials to ship across the world. Like many artists, Greg decided to do a streaming show, but unlike many artists he did it his way – and could we expect anything less from, perhaps, one of the modern masters of the unexpected? And if you’re in your 40’s like I am, you surely remember those VHS “at home” videos that artists would often make in the late 80’s and 90’s that often blended live performance with a compendium of other material. I still have some of those VHS cassettes in my bedroom – the amazing Danzig I and II home videos, Type O Negative, King’s X, Shelter and so many others.
The VHS home video, is perhaps, a nostalgic comfort for us Gen X’ers and while I wouldn’t exactly call Puciato’s “comforting” there was a familiarity to it that certainly resonated with me. Perhaps it was the “tracking” visuals that were reticent of an old VHS copy of a copy of a copy, or the rather quick switches from live performance to “behind the scenes” without any narration or warning. Whatever behind it, Puciato knows his target audience and he managed to put together a really interesting performance that was post-modern and heartfelt at the same time. Perhaps, this is the key formula behind Puciato’s appeal… or maybe it’s the fact that he’s just a stellar musician and frontman. You never know what Greg is going to do next, and that keeps us all riveted.

Heaven of Stone

Creator of God

Absence As a Presence (studio)
Fire For Water
Deep Set
Do You Need Me to Remind You?/Absence snippet
Don’t Wanna Deal (studio)
Down When I’m Not
Roach Hiss
Crazy All Around (studio)
September City
Lying at the Bottom of the Sky (studio)
Chris Hornbrook(drums)
Nick Rowe(guitar and keys)
Jeff Geisser(bass)
Steve Evetts(producer in studio)

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