Gaerea puts Portuguese Black Metal on the Map with ‘Limbo’

Posted by on July 9, 2020


Gaerea is one of the latest gems Season of Mist has been able to find lately from the far reaches of the European continent. Their first release for the label (and second overall), Limbo, is something that fans of bands like Uada want to really check out.

“Null” is the first single off the record and it acts as a great introduction to the band. It’s a clear and present black metal number and the video demonstrates the band’s extensive visual appeal.

Tracks like “Conspiranoia” sonically show how technically proficient this band is at rhythms as well as restraint. While the record features lots of blisteringly fast playing, tracks like this one give the listener a variety in tempo and texture adding an added dimension to the overall auditory experience. This track also has some stellar gregorian-chant like vocals way in the background.

“To Ain” is more of an epic song and you’ll hear a lot of Behemoth influence over this eleven minute track. Brooding guitars and some stellar percussion are present throughout the song forming a solid backbone for the blistering tremolo leads and standout vocals. I’m actually getting a bit of Gojira in the vocal track and perhaps a touch of a younger Phil Anselmo.

“To Ain” is a depressive, melancholy track filled with anguish and this is ever-so-present in the accompanying video. Perhaps, an all-too-appropriate song for today’s depressive, melancholy world filled with anguish.


Limbo puts Portuguese black metal on the map, without any doubt and without any hesitation. Here’s a clip of them live from 2019. I can’t wait actually experience this band in the flesh.


Limbo releases July 24, 2020 and pre-orders are available now via Season of Mist.


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