Destruction’s ‘Born to Perish’ features new lineup, richer sound and lots of shredding!

Posted by on August 6, 2019

If you’re not familiar with German thrash masters Destruction, it’s time you got to know them. Stop listening to your Arch Enemy and Machine Head because those bands have become tired and dull. Why not take a dive into thrash done right and go beyond the glamour and the absurd politics? Destruction, is a dirtier, grittier and more genuine metal band that has roots going way to back to the mid 1980’s, cutting their teeth with countrymen Sodom and Tankard. While they never “made it big” like some other thrash legends who turned into mega-crony-capitalists who shop at Prada (yeah, I’m looking at you Metallica!), there is no doubt that bands like Destruction carry the torch for what honest-to-goodness thrash always was and will be.

Born to Perish gives us a new lineup. Destruction, of course, is known for lineup changes with a myriad of drummers over the years. This latest record, however, probably features their best and most well-known drummer with Annihilator’s Randy Black behind the kit. The addition of the “human drum machine” as he is known, has given Destruction’s rhythm section a solid kick in the ass.

But wait there’s more!

Original guitarist Mike Sifringer is, of course, still in the fold, however, new Swiss shredder Damir Eskic takes on much of the lead work and the result is a significantly richer guitar sound. Destruction fans will immediately notice the added complexity and layers to the guitars on Born to Perish given Eskic’s arrival. Eskic, a relative newcomer to the world of metal, studied guitar under Coroner’s Tommy Vetterli.

So what about the songs? Well, they’re pretty damn good! The opener “Born to Perish” pretty much says to fans… “We’re here!  And listen to our drums now!  And check out our second guitar while you’re here!” Incredibly well done thrash track in the classic style. It doesn’t get much more genuine than this.

“Tyrants of the Netherworld” opens with some shredding and, again, takes the listener down the familiar classic path of expertly-dispensed thrash. Listen to the solos about 2:30 into this track and just be mesmerized. Kirk Hammett today couldn’t write leads like this no matter how hard he tried. But he’s likely too busy shopping anyway.

“We Breed Evil” has some amazing lead guitar work, no doubt influenced by Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. Of course, Destruction has always featured that particular influence and that’s one of the reasons for this band’s success.

All in all, while classic American thrash bands continue to wither on the vine or just pack it all in, bands like Destruction are more than apt to take over the reigns. Listen for yourself.

Born to Perish releases August 9, 2019 via Nuclear Blast records and be ordered here.


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