Destroyer 666 Answer the Call of the Wild with New EP

Posted by on March 14, 2018

Here’s what you really need to know about Destroyer 666 and KK Warslut…. are you ready…   they play some amazing heavy metal.  Full stop.

Destroyer 666 has released their latest record, an EP, entitled Call of the Wild on Season of Mist. If you recall, 2016 saw the release of Wildfire and subsequent tour. Wildfire was, hands down, one of 2016’s top releases and I spun that disc in my player more times than I cringed during The Last Jedi. In other words… a heck of a lot of times… more than I can count.

To compare the four tracks on Call of the Wild to the complete Wildfire LP is not entirely appropriate because they’re different records with slightly different dispositions and influences. However, Call of the Wild is a great extended play listen of four tracks that don’t stray too much from D666’s recent musical formula. The EP clearly was written with the live show in mind as they are all loud and pulsating rock n roll anthems that will get the crowd’s fists in the air and the heads banging in a matter of mere seconds.

The opening track “Violence is Golden” is a classic pummeller with a great middle section that is going to remind you of Mercyful Fate and some early King Diamond.  “Call the Wild” is quite simply classic D666.

“Stone by Stone” has some great lead work by RC and powerful lyrics. Very prototypical D666 and extremely familiar KK vocals. Maybe my favorite new track on the record.  “Trialed by Fire” is an epic anthem that is simply going to bring the house down when its performed live onstage. It starts off slow and quiet, moves into a transitory moment of heaviness and then brings on an incredible lead at 5 minutes in. One of the best leads I’ve heard in a long time in this genre. The song comes to a close with a more intense final verse and some great layered vocals to take you out. The song has tons of atmosphere and feeling and it’s near impossible to not feel the band grab you and keep hanging on.  The track, of course, is going to sound familiar but with refreshed energy and a new take.

In general, Call of the Wild is your classic D666 – tight songwriting, quick leads, unmistakable vocals and a massive amount of sweat, soul and heart. Undoubtedly more of a classic metal influence here than some of their past work. That’s not a bad thing. And there’s no denying KK’s devotion to his craft. His music is genuine and real, and one has to search far and wide to find some better blackened thrash than Destroyer 666. Obvious buy for anyone who likes this genre.  Then again, show me a Destroyer 666 record that is NOT an obvious buy.  Quite simply – those don’t exist and I own every single one.

Destroyer 666 is on tour now with Watain and you’ll see me there right up front.

Call of the Wild is available right now (limited) on CD as a digipak and record from Season of Mist and can be purchased here.

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