Circuitry is a band that hails from Long Branch, NJ.  I recently took a listen to their latest release, Untouched by Human Hands and I was rather surprised with what I heard.  It’s hard to categorize Circuitry as they pull from a wealth of influences and create a sound that is particularly unique.  If you are into the proggy, mathy, djenty brand of metal – you most definitely want to give this record a careful listen.

What really stands out in this band are the vocals.  While there is ample trade off between the “dirty” and “clean” vocals throughout most of the tracks, vocalist Joel Monet brings a voice that more closely resembles a soul singer than anything I’ve heard in modern metal.  At times the music complements Monet’s warm and lustrous vocals and then there are times the two come in sharp contrast.  What that leaves the listener with is an experience reticent of a complex gymnastics routine where you don’t know exactly what’s going to come next.  You can’t stop listening.

Undoubtedly drummer Matt Guglielmo and guitarist Christian Colabelli are tremendous talents.  Guitar is hook after hook and the drumming holds the chaos together.  There is an immense amount of musical talent here.

“Waiving a White Flag” is a standout track that is a pulsating 3 minute journey with a chorus that’s catchier than measles at Jenny McCarthy’s house.  The opening track, “Snake” is a pounding cut with a standout performance on both guitar and vocals.  This is probably my favorite song on the record.

If you’re into bands like Animals as Leaders, Coheed and Cambria and Killswitch Engage, you want to definitely check these guys out.

Untouched by Human Hands is out now and is available here.