Baroness’ livestream of ‘Gold & Grey’ was perfect

Posted by on September 15, 2020


I don’t know if there’s one record I have been listening to more from start to finish in the past two years than I have Baroness’ Gold & Grey. And, without any doubt, Baroness live is a treat. I was just experiencing this summer without any live music and without any Baroness when I was pleasantly surprised by the announcement of a special streaming performance of that amazing record, from start to finish, that would feature the band at an intimate creative space.

Eagerly, I began watching the video feed on Nugs as soon as it began. The band chose Long Island City’s Culture Lab LIC at the Plaxall Gallery. I couldn’t turn it off, or even pause it.  It was mesmerizing, emotional and, perhaps, the band at it’s creative height thus far. There was attention to the sound, of course, but the lighting and the visuals really drew me in. The multiple cameras were able to get right up close to all the members of the band and allow you to see them at their craft.



Highlights for me –

  1.  “I’d Do Anything” with Gina Gleason and John on guitar and piano respectively – just the two of them together on this duet – no distractions, no crowd noise.
  2. “Assault on East Falls” where we could all see Nick’s magic at work. A new appreciation for that track.
  3. Gina Gleason’s vocals. It seems Gina’s vocal was more in the mix for this performance than it has been on Gold & Grey and record and in previous live performances. While Gina is known as the high energy, Fender Strat shredder throughout the metal realm, she demonstrates that her live voice performance is something to take notice of as well.
  4. Seb’s percussive transitions between songs while the other members got to their instruments for the next song.

I was left not only wanting to buy their exclusive merch to show my Baroness pride but was also hoping they would do this again.

Be sure to check out our interview about this special performance with drummer Seb Thomson here.



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