Austrian power metal band Serenity once again delivers a historical metal statement with their new album, Nemesis AD. Inspired by the life of German Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer (1494–1528), the band pays tribute to the medieval-feeling opening track, Memoriae Alberti Dureri.

The album’s ferocity is condensed in the track “The Fall of Men,” a vocal duet and battle with none other than Roy Khan (Conception, ex-Kamelot). This song is definitely one of the album’s highlights, and after listening to it live during the band’s show in Dusseldorf last month, it’s a blowing-mind track. I could just picture an on-stage live performance with Khan (hopefully next year on their headlining tour).

Serenity continues to surprise me with their ability to tell and teach history through their songs. Every single album reflects a historical event from the Crusades to the Inquisition to the Tudor reign all the way to the Enlightenment, and this album is no different. However, this time, we see a new take on the art and beauty of a period marked by darkness and pestilence.
“Ritter, Tod und Teufel” (Knightfall) is named after one of the most famous artworks of Albrecht Dürer. This song is not only one of the first songs that the band sings partially in German but also showcases the guitar skills of Marco Pastorino (Temperance), who is new to the lineup of Serenity, fitting the band like a silk glove. “Soldiers Under the Cross” is a beautiful slow-paced song that gradually builds up to a rhythm with a waltz-like structure. “Reflections (of AD)” is another powerful song that, in this case, presents us with the powerful voice of Georg Neuhauser.

“Sun of Justice” is a song that represents the classical sound of Serenity, bringing back memories of Death & Legacy (2011) and War of Ages (2013). I love the guitar solos and how they add to the heavy feeling of the album. “Nemesis” & “The End of Babylon” unlock the full power of the album, and Neuhauser taps into his power as a singer/storyteller, making these two tracks some of the best power metal songs I have listened to this year.

“Crowned by an Angel” is a gorgeous ballad, but it unfortunately misses a Frauenstimme to give this song a little more push, in my opinion. “The Sky is Our Limit” has a great background, and the playfulness between vocals and guitar solos is amazingly arranged, carrying you throughout the whole song. The album closes with a super epic orchestral version of “The Fall of Men,” which Georg Neuhauser carries alone this time, just as he did live in the string of shows they did in Austria and Germany last month.

In conclusion, Nemesis AD is not just a great power metal album but also a fantastic concept album that uses history and metal to teach us something while we, at the same time, bang our heads to the sound of its music. Serenity excels for the 7th time in delivering a great album, showing how powerful and skilled this band is. Do not rest on your laurels, and if you can, catch them live next year, as they will be on tour with Temperance (double duty for Marco Pastorino) around Europe.


Serenity’s new album, Nemesis AD was released on Friday, November 3rd via Napalm Records. Order your copy here.


European 2024 Tour Dates:

02/07 Germany @ Nurnberg, Der Hirsch

02/08 Germany @ Berlin, Columbia Theater

02/09 Germany @ Hamburg, Logo

02/10 Germany @ Essen, Turock

02/11 UK @ London, Boston Music Room

02/13 Germany @ Saarbrucken, Garage

02/14 Germany @ Munchen, Backstage

02/15 Hungary @ Budapest, Barba Negra

02/16 Czech Republic @ Zlin, Masters Of Rock Cafe

02/17 Germany @ Leipzig, Hellraiser

02/18 Germany @ Hannover, Musikzentrum

02/20 Germany @ Aschaffenburg, Colos Saal

02/21 France @ Paris, Backstage By The Mill

02/22 Netherlands @ Enschede, Metropool

02/23 Belgium @ Diest, Hell

02/24 Netherlands @ Uden, De Pul