As a long-time fan of Prong, the anticipation for their thirteenth studio album, State of Emergency, has been long-awaited. With a history spanning nearly four decades, this iconic heavy metal band, founded by Tommy Victor in 1986, has consistently pushed the boundaries of their sound while remaining rooted in the genre they helped shape. State of Emergency, slated for release on October 6, 2023, via Steamhammer/SPV, promises to be another milestone in their storied career. Prong’s ability to evolve and reinvent themselves while staying true to their heavy metal origins is a theme that characterizes their journey. State of Emergency serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to musical progression and exploration.

The album opens with “Nonexistence,” the lead single, and an engaging showcase of Prong’s current sonic direction. Tommy Victor’s distinctive guitar work and commanding vocals take center stage, reminding listeners of the band’s signature sound. It’s a nod to their legacy while embracing their musical evolution, setting the tone for what’s to come. What truly sets State of Emergency apart is its remarkable versatility. Produced by the legendary Steve Evetts, known for his work with renowned bands such as Sepultura and The Dillinger Escape Plan, the album explores various musical territories. “Disconnect,” a personal favorite, is a prime example, introducing a post-punk element demonstrating Prong’s willingness to experiment and grow artistically.

The title track, “State of Emergency,” is emblematic of Prong’s musical evolution. Tommy Victor’s iconic griffin style, which has long defined Prong’s sound, is infused with a fresh, contemporary edge. The result is a dynamic track that showcases the band’s commitment to delivering powerful music with a distinctive twist. ‘Breaking Point’ is another stand-out track on the album, pulling no punches with its brutally honest lyrics and cutting attitude. Tommy Victor’s vocals remain as powerful and intense as ever, drawing the listener into the song’s emotional depths.

As the album progresses, Victor’s guitar prowess shines brightly, illustrating the band’s musical heritage and delivering high-energy performances that will resonate with fans of their earlier work. The album concludes with the cover of Rush’s “Working Man.” In this rendition, Prong pays tribute to the legendary rock icons while injecting their own unique interpretation. It serves as a fitting conclusion, celebrating the band’s musical journey and influences. What’s especially exciting for fans is that State of Emergency aligns with Prong’s upcoming headline tour and European dates alongside Life of Agony in November. As the band’s founder, Tommy Victor continues to play a pivotal role in guiding their live shows, ensuring they remain as dynamic and engaging as their recorded music.

In summary, State of Emergency is more than just an album; it’s a testament to Prong’s musical evolution and adaptability. It showcases the band’s capacity to explore new musical territories while staying true to their core identity. As the album prepares for release in October, it reminds us that Prong’s music is an ongoing journey of discovery and transformation. State of Emergency promises to be a significant chapter in Prong’s musical odyssey in the ever-evolving world of heavy metal.


Prong’s new album, State of Emergency, arrives on October 6, 2023. Pre-order here.