Sanctuary/Nevermore vocalist Warrel Dane is currently on a solo tour that’s continuing to commemorate the fifteenth-anniversary of Nevermore’s classic Dead Heart In A Dead Word (2000). It looks like his solo run has sparked the vocalist to write more dark and complex tunes and it has been almost a decade since he released his one and only solo effort, Praises to the War Machine back in 2008. Now, Dane is ready for a sophomore album. The singer teamed up with producer Roy “Z” Ramirez (Bruce Dickinson, Halford, Helloween, Sebastian Bach) to create Shadow Work, which is expected to be released sometime in mid-2018 via Century Media.

Speaking of Nevermore, it has been seven years since the band released their final album The Obsidian Conspiracy. The group have been on a hiatus since 2011 and members such as Dane and Jeff Loomis moved on with other projects such as Sanctuary and Arch Enemy. However, Ultimate Guitar asked Loomis for an update on a possible reunion.

“I only have good things to say about everybody in the band and [drummer] Van Williams is one of my best friends. I still talk to Warrel [Dane, vocals] sometimes. He’s now doing Sanctuary again which is awesome. It was a really good 18 years that we had – an amazing run.

Unfortunately, things ended in a really bad, sour way. There was a lot of drinking going on in the band and I think that was the final nail in the coffin as to why the band actually broke up. It wasn’t a very good breakup at all. It was very difficult.

When you spend 18 years together with a bunch of dudes, it’s kind of like a marriage in a way, when something like that breaks up, it’s heartbreaking. It was a real bummer. Maybe one day, I would really like to be able to talk to Warrel again face to face and sit down and talk through all of our problems that we had and stuff like that.

Time is a healer and life is short. So hopefully one of these days we will be able to sit down and talk out some of our differences, just as friends, even. That would be great.

But at the moment, everybody is doing something else and that’s great, bless them for whatever they want to do. I’m in Arch Enemy now and I guess the chapter is closed for Nevermore for now and another chapter has opened up in my life. I’ll never say no to anything – I’ll always give something a shot.

And if the timing is right, maybe one day we’ll do a couple more songs or maybe an album even, who knows? It’s quite possible.”