In a thunderous testament to the enduring impact of Swiss metal veterans, Hellhammer, Triumph of Death are proud to announce their debut live album, Resurrection of the Flesh, set to arrive on November 10 via Noise/BMG. Hellhammer’s legendary influence on extreme, death, and black metal still resonates across the global metal scene, despite their humble two-year existence more than four decades ago. Yet, their monumental body of work, including iconic demos and the seminal Apocalyptic Raids EP, had never graced a live stage until the birth of Triumph of Death.

Recorded during three concerts in 2023, Resurrection of the Flesh captures Hellhammer’s raw, foreboding power, proving that these historic songs remain as vital today as they were when forged in Switzerland’s infamous rehearsal bunker in the early 1980s. To coincide with the live album announcement, the group is streaming the live audio for “Messiah.”


Listen to the Track below and pre-order here:


Track List:
01) The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation)
02) Massacra
03) Maniac
04) Blood Insanity
05) Decapitator
06) Crucifixion
07) Reaper
08) Horus/Aggressor
09) Revelations Of Doom
10) Messiah
11) Visions Of Mortality
12) Triumph Of Death
Bonus 7” song (Super deluxe edition only)
13) Decapitator (Live In Houston)