Recordings From Chuck Schuldiner’s Pre-Death Band Mantas To Be Released

Posted by on May 10, 2012

The late Chuck Schuldiner is best known creating Death. But before Death officially came to be, there was Mantas. And on June 19, Relapse Records will be re-releasing Mantas’ recordings as part of one compilation.

Death By Metal will include Mantas’ first two demos and a rehearsal from 1984, while the limited edition 2 disc edition will include another rehearsal demo and live recording. In addition to CDs, digital, and vinyl releases, Relapse will include bundle packages featuring newly designed t-shirts and a reproduction of the original 1984 Death By Metal demo cassette. Information about the pre-order packages can be found online, while a trailer for the release can be seen below.

While many fans would love to hear the rare recordings that lead to Death’s birth, there are some who may view this re-release as cashing in on Schuldiner’s legacy. However, Eric Grief (former manager of Death and current president of Perseverance Holdings Ltd./ lawyer of Chuck’s intellectual property) has lashed out against such criticism, saying via Facebook:

“You can read at YouTube some of my counter-comments against those calling the official release of MANTAS a ‘cash grab’. It boils my blood knowing the dedicated work some folks around the world did to make this happen, and yet there exists this little clique of hypercritical idiots who think they know better than all of us (including Chuck’s family) as to what should be available to fans. ENJOY!”

Some of those comments Grief made via the YouTube page for Death By Metal’s trailer (under the username orchardhill) included the following:

“Yes. My job is to do what is right, release the best possible versions of Chuck’s work, stop bootleggers wherever they operate, and bring income to the Schuldiner family. Relapse has done an awesome job, and a new generation of fans carries the torch. So fucking what? ERIC GREIF…

No he wouldn’t. He would be happy the music is (finally) being heard, and in a killer ‘old school’ presentation, and also that his family would benefit financially in some way. ERIC GREIF.”

A trailer and the track listing for Mantas’ Death By Metal, which will be released on June 19 via Relapse Records, can be seen after the jump.



Disc 1

Death By Metal Demo (First Version)

01. Legion Of Doom

02. Evil Dead

03. Mantas

04. Death By Metal

05. Power Of Darkness


Death By Metal Demo (Second Version)

06. Legion Of Doom

07. Power Of Darkness

08. Death By Metal

09. Evil Dead


Rehearsal Early 1984

10. Legion Of Doom

11. Mantas

12. Death By Metal

13. Evil Dead

14. Rise Of Satan


Disc 2 (Deluxe Edition Only)

Emotional Rehearsal Demo 1984

01. Legion Of Doom (Take 1)

02. Legion Of Doom (Take 2)

03. Legion Of Doom (Take 3)

04. Evil Dead (Take 1)

05. Evil Dead (Take 2)

06. Mantas (Take 1)

07. Mantas (Take 2)


Live at Knights Of Columbus Hall in Orlando, Florida September 1, 1984

08. Legion Of Doom

09. Zombie

10. Demon Flight

11. Death By Metal

12. Evil Dead

13. Power Of Darkness

14. Black Magic

15. Evil Chuck Solo

16. Beyond The Unholy Grave

17. Poison

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