As we noted previously, Rage Against The Machine’s self-titled debut album is among the many influential records celebrating its 20th anniversary. That’s why it’s not surprising to learn that the group is following the example of other bands and releasing a special 20th anniversary box set.

Titled XX, this deluxe box set will be released in the U.S. on November 27 (just in time for when you’re trying to find the right Christmas gift for your ultra-liberal metal friend). In addition to a remastered version of the album, the box set will contain never-before seen early concert footage and the full 2010 Finsbury Park Victory Concert along with demos and videos.

But what about an actual new Rage Against The Machine album? While fans are constantly asking that question, bassist Tim Commerford didn’t really help kill any rumors when speaking to TMZ. asked whether RATM had anything new in the works, Commerford replied “Maybe… Maybe.” Granted, there’s a chance that he was actually referring to the new box set and not RATM’s potential first new album in 12 years. Plus, as Lambgoat points out, Commerford really seems to be into pulling teeth as of late.