Omega Infinity (Ne Obliviscaris) to release new album in February; new single arriving next week

Posted by on December 10, 2022


Omega Infinity, the blackened death metal project featuring vocals from Ne Obliviscaris’ Xenoyr, have announced their new album, The Anticurrent, which will be released on February 24th, 2023, via Season of Mist. The first taste of their sophomore offering will be available next week on December 14th.


The band shared the following on social media:

“Finally, after all the hardships during the pandemic that kept delaying this release for longer than anticipated, we’re ready to depart for the stars again. ”The Anticurrent“ will take you on a wild trip, from the chaotic beginning of the spawning universe spat out into existence by the Big Bang, until the inevitable end of Everything brought by the piercing death stare of a myriad of dying suns. The Void is upon you once again, and this time we are not just dwelling in our own solar system but taking you out into the universe to a place where even distant galaxies fade into nothing but a blur. Join us at the End Of Time and watch the dawn and demise of Everything that ever was. Join us in The Anticurrent!

From the Season of Mist page:

“Do we have a treat for you! OMEGA INFINITY is now unveiling the details on their newest album “The Anticurrent”. The album is set for release on this planet on the 24th of February 2023, but they are giving you a sneak peek into their creation.

The tracklist for “The Anticurrent” can be found down below.

And in celebration of this news, cross down 14th of December in your calendars to be spoiled with the release of their first single!”


Track List:

01) The Alpha (07:40)

02) Creation (05:11)

03) Iron Age (07:11) feat. Adrienne Cowan

04) Banish Us From Eden (04:42)

05) To The Stars (05:16)

06) Death Rays (06:18) feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft

07) Voices From The End Of Time (12:19) feat. András Nagy

08) Night Journey (Sear Bliss cover) (Bonus) feat. András Nagy

09) Ye Entrancemperium (Emperor cover) (Bonus) feat. MJ Braun


Check out the cover art by Adrien Bousson below:



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