Nick Oliveri (ex- QOTSA) to release collaborative album ‘N.O. Hits At All, Vol.3’ in October

Posted by on August 10, 2017

Nick Oliveri has announced his forthcoming collaborative album entitled N.O. Hits At All, Vol.3 will be released on October 20th via Heavy Psych Sounds. The former Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and Dwarves member revealed the upcoming record will feature members from his previous bands as well as Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins), Wino (Saint Vitus) and more.

Oliveri commented:

“This record is volume 3 of a series of compilations in which I recorded the vocals. Bands that I like and bands that like my singing voice enough to have asked me to ‘guest vocal’ on a song for their records. Some of these have been released and some have not, until now. I have sung and/or recorded bass on 50+ releases of bands I love and had the great honor to work with — Dwarves, Mondo Generator, Svetlanas, QOTSA, Kyuss, Bl’ast, Bloodclot, Masters of Reality, Vista Chino, Mark Lanegan Band, Turbonegro, Death Acoustic, The Uncontrollable – to name a few”

He continued:

“The good folks at Heavy Psych Sounds Records are releasing the series called N.O. Hits At All. Now for the first time, all these songs and bands I’ve recorded with over the past 25 years are together and available to you to trip out on. So get your head right and put this record on and play it loud. Stay tuned for Volume Four (coming soon).”


01) “RNR Outlaw” – By Royale Daemons (Rose Tattoo)

Nick Oliveri – Bass & Vocals

Joey Castillo – Drums

Wino – Guitar


02) “Luv is Fiction” By Dwarves (Oliveri)

Nick Oliveri – Lead Vocals

The Fresh Prince Of Darkness – Lead Guitar

The Black Josh Freese – Drums

Rex Everything – Bass

Blag Dahlia And Stacey Dee – Backup Vocals

He Who Can Not Be Named – Guitar


03) “Medication” By He Who Can Not Be Named (He Who Can Not Be Named)

Nick Oliveri – Lead Vocals

The Fresh Prince Of Darkness – Lead Guitar

Rectom – Drums

He Who Can Not Be Named – Guitar, Backup Vocals, Keys, Mask

Salt Peter – Bass


04) “Kyuss Dies!” By Kyuss Lives! (Oliveri)

Nick Oliveri – Bass & Vocals

Brant Bjork – Drums

Bruno Favery – Guitar


05) “Country As Fuck” By Plan B (Music By Plan B/ Lyrics by Oliveri)

Nick Oliveri – Vocals

Steve Soto – Guitar, Bass

Joey Castillo – Drums

Troy Van Leeuwen – Guitar


06) “THe Mob Rules” By Melissa Auf Der Maur’s Hand of Doom (Iommi/Butler/Dio)

Nick Oliveri – Vocals

Melissa Auf Der Maur

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