Baroness vocalist/guitarist John Baizley recently spoke with TeamRock stating they’ve begun writing new material to follow-up 2015’s Purple. During their time at Roadburn, fans were lucky to hear older material including “The Birthing” off of 2007’s Red, a song they haven’t played live in five years. After spending a decent amount of time rehearsing older songs, Baizley said iy inspired newest members drummer Sebastian Thomson and bassist Nick Jost to incorporate the band’s original roots into the new music they’re making:

“We’ve started writing a few tunes that we’re working on. The really cool thing now is that Sebastian and Nick have been in the band long enough that they understand what we do. Preparing for Roadburn we had to learn some really old songs and in doing so they gained an understanding of that era of our band. They’re now interested in maybe incorporating some of those elements in some way. We just want to write better songs.”