Although there’s starting to be a bit of a backlash against Record Store Day, it’s still essentially Christmas for independent record stores and a great way to pick up unique vinyl or stuff that had been long out of print elsewhere. As we know, there’s a second Record Store Day on Black Friday, and there’s a solid amount of metal and hard rock to pick up at your local indie store. Here’s what they’ve got on tap this year. 


Alice Cooper, Live From the Astroturf  7″ (Good Records Recordings)alicecooperrsd

Earlier this month, the original Alice Cooper Group played a set at Good Records in Dallas, TX. This 7″ includes “I’m Eighteen” and “Is It My Body” from that set. There are 2500 copies in different variations, including 100 that were signed by the four original members.




Alice In Chains, Live – Facelift 12″ vinyl (Sony Legacy)aic

This six-song set recorded on December 22, 1990, was initially the band’s first home video. Appearing for the first time on vinyl, it includes “It Ain’t Like That,” “Man in the Box,” “Real Thing,” “Love, Hate, Love,” “Sea of Sorrow” and “Bleed the Freak.” 




Anthrax, “Monster At the End”/”Vice of the People” 7″ (Megaforce)anthraxrsd2

Want to hear an unreleased Anthrax song? This 7″, limited to 1,500 copies, is the only way to get it (until someone goes home and uploads it).





Bolt Thrower, Those Once Loyal (Metal Blade)bolt

Bolt Thrower are done now, and their eighth and final album, 2005’s Those Once Loyal, gets its own 1,000-copy special gold vinyl pressing.





Electric Wizard, Witchcult Today 2X LP (Metal Blade) Layout 2

This 2007 album from the band was recorded on all ’70s-era equipment, and is being reissued on two albums. One of the discs is silver, and the other is clear. 





Extreme, Pornograffiti Live 25/Metal Meltdown (Loud and Proud Records)extreme

Extreme’s classic sophomore album turned 25 and the band reunited and played it live earlier this year. Already available on CD and Blu-ray, now you can pick up 1 of 1500 on double vinyl.




Fade to Bluegrass: The Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica (Pickin On Series)bluegrass

If you like Metallica, but don’t like all that noisy metal music, this could be the album for you. Alabama band Iron Horse first recorded this album in 2003, but it’s never been out on vinyl before. And since you can’t get Steve ‘N Seagulls on vinyl either, you might as well be one of the 1,000 people to pick up this.




GWAR, Black Friday Ltd Edition Picture Disc 7″ (Metal Blade)gwarrsd2

Ever wish you could have audio versions of GWAR’s AV Club Undercover sessions? You can have a few of them now! This picture disc EP features Oderus Urungus on one side and Blothar on the other, with the band’s covers/mashups of “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”/”Baba O’Riley” and “West End Ghouls”/ “People Who Died.” 


In This Moment, A Star-Crossed Wasteland (Wargod)itmrsd

This is the first time that the band’s third album has been issued on vinyl.





Iron Maiden, Brave New World 2X LP(Sanctuary)maidenbrave

It’s hard to believe that this is the first time 2000’s Brave New World, Bruce Dickinson’s return to Iron Maiden, was never out on vinyl before. This is limited to 2,500 copies.




Bob & Doug McKenzie “12 Days of Christmas” / “Take Off (feat. Geddy Lee)” 7″ (UME/Mercury)42535_01_Sleeve.indd

Who doesn’t love Canadian humor? The 35th anniversary of this SCTV holiday classic is backed with their hit single, “Take Off,” which features Rush’s Geddy Lee singing the chorus. It’s a beauty way to go!





Motley Crue “Kickstart My Heart” / “Home Sweet Home” 7″ picture disc (Eleven Seven Music)motley


If you were worried that once Motley Crue retired that they would stop releasing music, you don’t have to worry about that. This die-cut 7″ picture disc is probably the first in a long line of Record Store Day items from that. This is limited to 2,500 copies. 




Napalm Death/Melt Banana 7″ split EP (Ipecac)meltbabnan

This 7″ single features unreleased songs from both bands. Napalm Death’s tracks are “Like Piss to a Sting” and “Where the Barren In Fertile,” while Melt Banana’s are “Killer Garden in the Bottle” and “Sakura Spiral.” It’s limited to 2,000 copies. 




Jaco Pastorius, Jaco: Original Soundtrack (Omnivore)jaco

If you got a chance to see the documentary about troubled bassist Jaco Pastorius, you no doubt came away with a newfound appreciation for him. This soundtrack, limited to 2,000 copies, is the first time the soundtrack has been on vinyl, and features his original music and his appearances with the likes of Weather Report and Ian Hunter.



Porno For Pyros, Good God’s Urge LP (ORG Music)pfp

Do you love the ’90s? If so, you’ll want to pick up Porno For Pyros’ 2nd LP, which was never on vinyl until now. The band, which featured Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell and Stephen Perkins, also has bassists Mike Watt and Flea on it. What’s not on it is their only real hit, “Pets” (that was on their first one).



Prophets of Rage, The Party’s Over 12″ (Caroline)prophets-of-rage-1000-640x427

If you missed the party when this came out earlier this year (derp!), then maybe you’ll want to pick up the vinyl version of this five-song EP comprised of everyone in Rage Against the Machine but Zack de la Rocha, but with Public Enemy’s Chuck D. and Cypress Hill’s B-Real in his place. 




Puscifer, Money Shot Your Re Load 2X LP (Puscifer Entertainment)pusciverlp

Did you like Puscifer’s Money Shot album, but wished it was remixed and out on vinyl? Well, your dreams could come true if you’re one of 2,000 to pick this up on November 25th.




Ramones, Live at the Roxy, 8/12/76 (Rhino)ramones

This 16-track RSD Exclusive album features the best of two live shows recorded 40 years ago. It was assembled by Craig Leon, who produced the band’s first album. 





Refused, Servants of Death EP (Epitaph)refused Last year, Refused surprisingly came out of retirement and made a great album. “Servants of Death” was one of the highlights of Freedom, and this EP features both the original and a remix of that song, several live tracks, and “Stone Voices,” a never-before-heard song. Limited to 2,000 copies.



Soundgarden, Satanoscillatemymetallicasonatas 12″ vinyl (Ume/A&M)42505_01_Jacket.indd

Better known as SOMMS, this CD EP originally was Badmotorfinger‘s bonus version. It’s never been out on vinyl before, but since it’s the 25th anniversary of that album, why not do it now, especially if you like Black Sabbath and Devo covers. Limited to 3,000. Track list: “Into the Void (Sealth),” “Girl U Want,” “Stray Cat Blues,” “Shea’s A Politiacian,” “Slaves & Bulldozers (live)”



Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats, Blood Lust (Metal Blade)uncleacid

The sophomore album from Uncle Acid was the one that first brought him to attention on this side of the Atlantic. There will be 1,000 copies of the 2011 album pressed on lavendar vinyl,





Venom, Black Metal picture disc (Noise)venomblackmetal

The classic 1982 album that gave name to a genre is being reissued in picture disc form. It’ll be limited to 1500 copies.




Volbeat, Beyond Hell/Above Heaven double-LP (Republic)volbeatlp

It’s hard to believe that Volbeat’s fourth album from 2010 has never been issued on vinyl before, but here we are.