What do Gary Busey and his actor son Jake have in common with Mushroomhead? Well…almost nothing. Except that all three were in Worcester, MA this past Friday night (October 14) for the Rock And Shock festival. Both Gary and Jake were at the horror convention signing autographs and meeting fans, while the industrial/nu-metal Ohio band was headlining the festivals’ show at The Palladium Theatre (with Cavalera Conspiracy, Devin Townsend, Otep, and others also on the bill). The band must’ve hit it off with the actors earlier in the day, since both father and son joined Mushroomhead onstage during their set.

Gary and Jake joined Mushroomhead onstage to play water drums. We’re still waiting to see video of the unlikely collaboration, but Return To The Pit snapped a lot of photos of the entire set (including the one up top). Granted, Gary is no stranger to music, having played drums in numerous country western bands. He also showed off his musical talent in The Buddy Holly bio film, in which Busey did his own singing. However, seeing the Point Break actor sharing the stage with a band like Mushroomhead is still as bizarre and random as…well, Gary Busey himself.

[via The PRP]