Considering all the bands we have nowadays in extreme metal, it’s a bit surprising to find out there’s still people out there who find any Iron Maiden material to be “offensive” but that seems to be the case in Germany as, what I imagined, a mob of angry parents covered a billboard promoting their latest album The Book of Souls.

According to this Instagram post from Bazillion Points, the billboard was covered with a sheet in Berlin, with a blanket claiming the image had no business being there due to the school and kindergarten near its location. Now, considering how polarizing is Germany in matters of censorship or sensitivity, this may be a little overboard to consider Eddie to be ‘scary’ for children. Hell, there’s even an entire line of toys portraying the undead character, although I’m sure many people in their late 50’s are the main consumers.


We also have snapshot of one of the concerned parents over the terrifying image above.

think of the children

[via Metal Injection]