FM Radio Coming To iPhone/iPod Touch?

Posted by on October 15, 2009

iphone-fmIt’s almost a ‘too little too late’ scenario, but according to Apple rumor site 9to5Mac, Apple is looking to integrate FM radio into the current iPhone and iPod touch models. The recently unveiled Nano already has an FM radio in it. And apparently, there’s already an FM transceiver in iPhones and iPod touches, but the only thing it’s being used for currently is for the Nike+ widget.

Apparently, the only thing holding them up is integrating mobile iTunes Store purchases into the functionality of the program. In other words, until they can potentially monetize on it, they’re not going live with it yet.

In semi-related news, Volvo has become the first automaker to make HD Radio a standard feature across their product line. HD Radio is actually a great concept, but it’s taken so long to get off the ground that it’s past the point of most people caring. Instead of a concerted effort from radio, everything has been happening glacially – from radio stations switching over to the technology, to them actually coming up with alternate stations, and them coming as standard features, which is just starting to happen years later.

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