2010 Predictions: Amy Sciarretto, Roadrunner Records

Posted by on January 6, 2010

We’ll be spending our first week back in 2010 polling the metal industry for predictions on what we’ll see in the business and beyond this year. Today, Roadrunner Director of Publicity (and industry author) Amy Sciarretto tosses hers in the ring:

*Some country other than Sweden will start to influence metalcore bands.
*Nu-deathcore will be phased out a bit or will dominate Mayhem.
*Sadly, those Nintendo’y metal bands, and I don’t mean Horse the Band or DragonForce, will make more fans. Ben from MetalSucks will breathe fire about it on the Creep Show Podcast.

*Record labels will start to full service music via digital means; as a writer, I like this. More space. And I never thought I’d feel that way.
*Record labels will continue to downsize, unfortunately.
*Amy Sciarretto will sprout wings and fly.
*AOL Noisecreep will continue to grow exponentially and become the ‘go to’ consumer metal blog on the world wide web and I am going to help it get there.

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