Witherfall, whose debut album Nocturnes and Requiems is out on February 10th, has a classic heavy sound to it that suggests the band has been around for longer than 2013, which is when the project first officially formed. Former White Wizzard members Joseph Michael and Jake Dryer got together with drummer Adam Sagan (Circle II Circle, Into Eternity) and recorded the album, which will be released next Friday, February 10th. Sadly, the album is dedicated to Sagan, who died in December as the album was in it’s final stages of production. The band shared a playlist with us of their favorite supergroups. It’s a pretty solid list because instead of merely being bands that got together to make music, also includes eras of other bands that just happened to have famous musicians in them. Here’s what the band says:

This playlist of supergroups is a good representation of songs that feature aspects and elements in music that we like to think we incorporate into our own compositions. It spans a wide berth of genres and eras and is an adventurous musical journey to listen to start to finish.


1) Rainbow, “Gates of Babylon”

Ronnie James Dio, Richie Blackmore, Cozy Powell and Tony Carey. Doesn’t get more “supergroup” than this. Epic vocals and orchestrated keyboard & guitar interplay.

2) Down, “Stone the Crow”
Phil Anselmo and Pepper Keenan… One of Phil’s higher moments post Pantera.
3) David Lee Roth, “Elephant Gun”
Roth, Vai, Sheehan and Bissonette. Sounds like Van Halen on Steroids. Killer alternate picked lick in the solo. You can tell Vai had just gotten finished practicing the leads from Alcatrazz (more on that in a bit)  
4) Mr. Big, “Alive and Kickin”
Billy Sheehan is on this list a few times. Along with Eric Martin and Paul Gilbert these guys lay into a nasty groove on this track from “Lean Into it”.
5) King Diamond, “Charon”
From the first album with King Diamond’s namesake… Not quite a “supergroup” since Mickey Dee joined Motorhead after this, but who cares. It is our list and we want King Diamond on it.
6) Cacophony, “Images”
Is this technically a supergroup? No. but Marty Friedman, Jason Becker and Deen Castronovo in a lineup together may as well should be. The arpeggios at the end is one of the most beautiful sounding progressions in the neoclassical canon.
7) Winery Dogs, “Hot Streak”
Sheehan (again), Richie Kotzen and the incomparable Mike Portnoy.
8) Liquid Tension Experiment, “Acid Rain”
Dream Theater and King Crimson members Unite! John Petrucci is on top of his game here.
9) Alcatrazz, “Big Foot”

A young hungry Yngwie. Just don’t feed him donuts, he doesn’t like those. One of the best early Malmsteen leads. 

10) Black Sabbath, “The Sign of the Southern Cross”

Ronnie James Dio plus Black Sabbath, what else do you want? The contrast of the intro section with Dio utilizing his head voice and the heavier sections where he gets to flex the chest voice is a great example of what Witherfall is all about.

11) Blotted Science, “Laser Lobotomy”

Members of Watchtower (Jarzombek) and Cannibal Corpse (Webster) together. Sagan this ones for you. 

12) Whitesnake, “Still of the Night”

The middle breakdown is one of the best moments in all of hard rock. John Sykes’ vibrato alone is worth the price of admission. 

13) Witherfall, “Nobody Sleeps Here”

Shameless self promotion.

14) Winger, “Spell I’m Under”
Laugh all you want (huh huh, ha huh huh) Beavis and Butt Head were wrong. This band was more than cheezy 80’s cock rock. One of the most musical bands of the era. Featuring Kip (Alice Cooper) Reb Beach (Bee Gees, Twisted Sister) and Rob Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs) this band was full of virtuosos. Just listen to Morgenstein’s snare accents on the end of the second beat in the guitar solo.