Invidia is a new supergroup featuring current and former members of Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment and Skinlab. Currently working on their debut album with Logan Mader. it will be released on SPV later this year. Bassist Matt Snell, who’s logged time in Five Finger Death Punch, gave us a playlist of stuff he’s been jamming to in tour buses lately. It runs the gamut from Exodus to Frank Sinatra, so dive in!

Music for me is ever changing. I’ll include some staples that I can say have remained over the years.

Touring has allowed me to find new music the organic way. From other PEOPLE! As kids, we always swapped CD’s, cassettes or vinyl. There were a lot of music stores with new and used records so you could talk with people in person. We would trade music and talk about the bands. We could get used albums for cheap and discover bands you would have never found otherwise. Now we share music on the bus during drives. Without music those drives would be hell!!

Twenty One Pilots, “Ride”
Twenty One Pilots may be one of the best acts in recent years. Undeniable hooks, amazing production, and no two songs are alike. This one I dig for the Reggae vibe and of course that MASSIVE chorus.

Mastodon, “Dry Bone Valley”
Been a huge Mastodon fan for years before I ever was able to tour with them. “Dry Bone Valley” for me is my favorite off The Hunter. That record was a big step up – in my opinion – for Mastodon and the energy in this tune plus the production is just plain SICK!

Opeth, “Hours of Wealth”
I love ALL things Opeth. I have since the late 90’s. “Hours of Wealth” is such a mellow tune and even with limited lyrics, it says so muc and truly captures a place in time in my life for sure. It speaks volumes.

My Acumen , “Scars of Broken Dreams”
My favorite track off the Rock is Not Dead album. I really love the riffing in this song but it’s the message and video that put it on this list. Every time I hear it, it just kinda makes me happy.

The Meters, “Love Slip Upon Ya”
“The Meters are without question one of the best funk bands ever. Just listen to this track and you will KNOW why it wins. So groovy, and yeah I’m a bass player so I love funk. I have since I was a child learning music and this music has never left my playlist.

Porcupine Tree, “The Blind House”
I dig this tune a lot. These guys are somewhat of an Opeth vibe for me. I prefer the live version from the show in Chicago, but again, I love all things Chicago except the Sox – Cubs fan for 30 years son!!

Twelve Foot Ninja, “One Hand Killing”
Anyone with a pulse will love this song. What is there to say, amazing talent and even better production. I love the sound on Outlier. As an engineer it’s about as close to audio perfection as one could get!”

Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
Frank is a guilty pleasure. I love almost everything the Chairman of the Board ever did. Most likely this is because I have an extensive jazz/big band background for my 10 years playing sax growing up. I also heard a lot of this on the radio when I was an auto mechanic back in the day. My boss played standards all day everyday for years. After a while you realize why this music is considered timeless. Plus, nine out of ten times, I can get the whole family to sing it super loud in the car. I’m sure the people of Reno, NV think we’re out of our minds but at least we are having fun!

The Police, “Walking on the Moon”
I grew up on The Police. I always loved the regga- inspired vibes, however, I have to just give it up to Sting as not only a bassist, but as a writer and performer. This song is just so bizarre, what’s not to like and again this is timeless.

Once Human,  “Eye of Chaos”
I like Once Human for many reasons. As I was learning bass, I spent a few years playing this style of metal. What I dig here is the structure and production of their songs. And not just because Logan made my record – haha… but it’s a solid and inspiring band all around, not to mention they are mad goofy with home videos and so on which I think this genre has been missing for a while…. too much serious face all the time.

Damien Marley, “Welcome to Jamrock”
Epic song… just play it. The best in urban reggae. In my opinion, “Welcome to Jamrock” is Damien’s best album. If you don’t like reggae, I have to question your existence.”

Rebelution, “Inhale Exhale”
Hey its a Reggae song about smoking weed. How unique, haha! It makes all your bad feelings become happy feelings. Overall just a great reggae vibe but the vocals on this one really stand out. Just a great fun band to see. Can’t wait for the Lake Tahoe show this summer.”

Exodus,  “Children of a Worthless God”
“I grew up on Exodus. Toxic Waltz was one of my faves as a kid. This tune is just pure energy all the way through and the riffing is just sick. It’s the kind of song that gets you speeding tickets haha… put it on… crank it up for full effect!”

Opeth, “Cusp of Eternity”
I like all Opeth, even the early, galloping through the woods Opeth. This band evolves, always pushing in a new direction. They have been an inspiration and honestly the only band I travel hours to see and refuse passes because I want to be in the crowd and witness the show.”