Review/Photos: Combichrist brought the freaks to Gramercy Theatre w/ Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison & Death Valley High

Posted by on June 15, 2018

On June 8th at NYC’s Gramercy Theatre, concertgoers were lucky to have a little bit of everything wrapped up in one watching the Everybody Still Hates You Tour with acts Combichrist, Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison, and Death Valley High. For those who enjoy listening to bands such as Slipknot, NIN, Avatar, Ministry, KMFDM, Coil, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, VNV Nation etc…, this night had the optimal dosage that combined these styles giving everyone the opportunity to choose between dancing and moshing.

Death Valley High:

For those who arrived early were lucky to see North California’s gothic rockers Death Valley High’s set. The group were continuing to support 2016’s CVLT (AS FVK) as well as introducing their cinematic rock meets darkwave bumps into hardcore style to the crowd. It’s not easy to pull off multiple genres for one band, however, Death Valley High pulled it off and managed to keep the audience entertained by adding their fierce energy to the mix.


Metaphorically, if Slipknot had a child, it would be the nu metal revival act Prison. There was this aura about them that reminded us of what people first thought about Slipknot in the late nineties/early 2000s. Back then, they were incomparable to anything else, which is why they are relevant and popular today. With that said, Prison’s unapologetic performance literally blew us away that evening and similar to the nu metal masters, they seemed incomparable as well. Not only was it their music, it also had to do with their jaw-dropping stage presence. Check out their album N.G.R.I and try to see them live, if you can.  

Night Club:

The evening drastically changed when the Los Angeles electronic duo Night Club walked onto the stage. The duo have been doing a lot since 2012 including scoring the Comedy Central series Moonbeam City as well as the film Nerdland. However, this evening they were promoting their debut LP with 2016’s Requiem For Romance. It was difficult to catch a glimpse of vocalist Emily Kavanaugh’s face as she continued to sway, dance, and headbang throughout the set. They definitely redefined the night’s mood, making the crowd ready to see Wednesday 13.

Wednesday 13:

When Hollywood gothic rockers Wednesday 13 walked onto the platform, one could easily say they stole the show. They commandeered the stage. Between promoting 2017’s Condolences to whipping out an umbrella saying “fuck you,” the audience couldn’t stop watching. These type of freak shows, similar to Avatar, remind us how an evening can surpass live music as each song Wednesday 13 presented such as  “Prey For Me” and “Fuck,” felt as though a different circus act was being introduced.



After a night of eccentric bands, it was time for the Atlanta, Georgia aggrotech group, Combichrist. Where should we begin and can we ever keep up with frontman Andy LaPlegua or stop locking eyes on drummer Joe Letz? Probably not. The group outshined the previous freakshows as Letz alone could make anyone question, “what am I looking at?” This consists with his painted face and wearing a mouthguard to magnify the illusion of clown-like teeth. And this is all in an intriguing way. The beats continued to roll with songs such as “All Pain Is Gone,” “Blut Royale,” and “Can’t Control.”

Luckily, the show united metalheads, goths, and party goers as everyone successfully left their issues behind with the smack of each tune. With Combichrist’s music alone, one can easily get lost in their electrifying hook. The older crowd rediscovered their youth as the younger crowd explored their rhythm as songs such as “Throat Full of Glass,” “Scarred,” “Fuck That Shit,” “Denial,” and “Get Your Body Beat,” continued to blast.  

Hopefully, all five acts from the Everybody Still Hates You trek will return to NYC soon enough. Ultimately, the night gave the crowd a little bit of everything that has also made it a memorable experience.


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