Rammstein make “Amerika” German again on Long Island

Posted by on June 27, 2017

This past Sunday (25), Rammstein returned to the East Coast after five years. These German industrial metal masters hardly make it out to the United States, and last year alone they only had one appearance at 2016’s Chicago Open Air. Therefore, nearly fifteen thousand fans arrived at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York, ready to see one of the best live performances around.

The evening kicked off with 3Teeth warming up the stage. At this point, the crowd was split between listening from their cars while tailgating and finishing their BBQ or heading into the venue. Regardless, these American industrial rockers gave it their all with seven songs including “X-Day,” “Slavegod,” and “Dissolve.”

After a short break, the Rammstein curtain dropped over the stage, making all in attendance excited for things to come. It didn’t matter if this was someone’s first or tenth time seeing them, everyone had the same high expectations for it to be a phenomenal evening. Finally, the curtain fell and guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers walked towards the front of the stage. It was a lengthy introduction, and everyone’s eyes were glued to their mesmerizing riffs. Finally, frontman Till Lindemann walked onto the platform with white attire and a jazzy top hat.

Lindemann walked across the stage as though he had fifty different facial expressions, and all eyes were glued to him wondering what he would do next during songs “Ramm 4,” “Reise, Reise,” and “Hallelujah.” After a few songs in, things got heated with pyro and sparks during tunes “Feuer frei!,” “Seeman,” and “Du riechst so gut.” Cell phones were raised excessively, as many wanted to capture the remarkable performance. However, when their most famous song, “Du Hast” chimed in, the venue turned into a sea of phones. Many multi-tasked between taking video and singing along to the classic track.

For those who have never seen Rammstein live before, the next song surprised veteran fans when the Depeche Mode cover “Stripped” appeared. Several screamed with joy while a few of the younger fans used the time for a quick bathroom break. Once the song ended, the group lined up and left the stage, alluding the night was over.

After a moment of fans begging for Rammstein’s return, it was time for three more songs. The encore could have gone in two different directions, ranging from patriotic to pornographic. Unfortunately for some, they took the patriotic direction with “Amerika” as it brought red, white, and blue confetti spraying into the audience. However, it was the final track, “Engel,” that had Lindemann flying on angel-like wings, making it one memorable conclusion.

Hopefully, we don’t have to wait another five years until they return. It was an exceptional set and we already know they have at least thirty-five new songs written. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time until they hit North America again.



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