Chaos is an understatement for what took place at Playstation Theater in New York City on May 10th. This evening was the end of Overkill’s North American tour with Death Angel as both supported their new album The Wings Of War and Humanicide. This momentous trek marked Overkill and Death Angel’s first tour together and perhaps it was their time during 2017’s 70000tons of Metal that potentially reignited this interest. However, on this night Brooklyn’s Life of Agony joined in as they surprised the crowd with their new song “Empty Hole.”

With that being said, it was unfortunate that some of this chaos occurred outside the venue as the line to get to Will Call was longer than the line to get inside. Therefore, if you’re wondering where coverage is for the band Mothership, that’s why. Despite arriving early, it took over an hour to get inside the venue as we were very lucky to get there just in time for Death Angel.

Death Angel

Despite the night’s rocky start, Death Angel made everything worth it as they utilized their 35-40 minute set to promote their new album Humanicide. While the lighting appeared a bit dark, their energy alone was enough to brighten the entire venue, which included locking eyes on frontman Mark Osegueda moving across the platform. The set included songs: “Thrown to the Wolves,” “Claws in So Deep,” “Seemingly Endless Time,” “The Dream Calls for Blood,” “The Moth,” “Humanicide,” and “The Ultra-Violence/Kill as One.”  

Life of Agony

Life of Agony were ruthless, wild, dirty, and highly exhilarating. Their entire persona onstage was evident as Mina Caputo’s admirable careless attitude was a huge reminder of how rock n’ roll was back in the late eighties/early nineties and should return and never fade. Caputo cuts out the bullshit and gets right to the point as the band went into songs such as “My Eyes,” “Through and Through,” “Otherside,” “This Time,” “Lost at 22,” “Weeds,’ “Damned if I Do,” “Bad Seed,” “Empty Hole,” “Method of Groove,” “Underground,” and “River Runs Red.”


Finally, it was time for New Jersey thrash masters Overkill to take the stage. As the group has been around for almost forty years, it’s always a delight to see how they still have a youthful energy on stage. Overkill are known to always deliver and they did just that this night. Songs included: “Last Man Standing,” “Electric Rattlesnake,” “Hello From the Gutter,” “Elimination,” “Deny the Cross,” “Distortion,” “Necroshine,” “Under One,” “Bastard Nation,” “Mean, Green, Killing Machine,” “Feel the Fire,” “Rotten to the Core,” “Ironbound,” “Fuck You,” and “Welcome to the Garden State.”   

While it was disappointing to see that a massive line circling around will call could have ruined the entire night, we were happy to see the overall evening turned out to be a success.