After years of failed attempts to make a tour across the pond due to forced cancellations over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Swiss folk metal giants Eluveitie finally made it to the United States! The trek, which featured support from Omnium Gatherum and Seven Spires, kicked off on March 2nd in Baltimore, MD and concluded on April 1st in Richmond, VA. Out of the countless tours finally being announced this year, this trek was a must-see. Unfortunately, right before the run began, there was unfortunate news in the Eluveitie camp when the band’s mastermind and leader, Chrigel Glanzmann, had to make the tough decision to sit out due to a family emergency. Eluveitie has had their fair share of lineup changes over the years, with their nine-member formation. However, Glanzmann was always the glue holding the group together. The thought of seeing the band without the main leader raised questions about how successful the tour would be, whether the tickets would sell, and how they would fare without the mastermind. Well, we were there on March 30th, 2023 at the Masquerade – Heaven, the biggest venue of the three in Atlanta, GA, and it was a very successful turnout, with at least seventy-five percent or more at capacity.

Seven Spires, a metal outfit hailing from Boston, MA, warmed up the night. The group maintained a fortitude of energy, as vocalist Adrienne Cowan led the group like a pack of ferocious wolves. She blew it out of the park, and you couldn’t help but pay attention to her merciless vocal capabilities. The entire group looked comfortable on the stage surrounded by dark blue and purple lights. They played a short setlist that was enough to please the crowd, who wouldn’t be the last to see Cowan take the microphone on the stage that evening.


Seven Spires

Gods of Debauchery
The Cursed Muse
Shadow on an Endless Sea
Dare to Live


Next up was Omnium Gatherum, a Finnish melodic death metal act, arguably a happier version of Insomnium due to the presence of Markus Vanhala in both bands. Vanhala, the driving force and founding member of Omnium Gatherum, has been with the band since its inception, while keyboardist Aapo Koivisto joined in 2005 and vocalist Jukka Pelkonen took over the leading reins in 2006. They have been a steady trio since then, with the rest of the lineup more or less rotating. Unfortunately, the band nearly disbanded at the beginning of the pandemic when they had to make another lineup change. However, they released Origin in 2021 instead and are now on their way to releasing a new EP, Slasher, this June via Century Media Records. They remain hungry to record more tunes. Vanhala’s ability to be in two very active bands is bewildering yet impressive, and we are grateful for his songwriting and execution mastery. Currently, Vanhala is on tour with Insomnium and Enslaved, a show that we hope to see, but we are not sure yet. Their recent performance was a strong rendition supporting both Origin and Slasher. This time around, there were a few new but familiar faces rocking out in the OG attire, with Nick Cordle officially joining the band in 2022, as evidenced by his smile behind the guitar. The group is always a pleasure to see live, with a friendly atmosphere. Their setlist is a mix of classic hits and newer tracks, all of which fit together seamlessly, showing that they know exactly what their fans want to hear. A true gem, the photos can show which band stole the night for us.


Omnium Gatherum


Gods Go First
Be the Sky
The Unknowing


Upon hearing that Eluveitie’s frontman, Chrigel, would not be joining the group for their North American tour, many fans were skeptical about what to expect. However, those doubts were quickly extinguished as the band took the stage with unyielding confidence and a level of execution that was nothing short of perfection. Fabienne Erni, the band’s clean vocalist, stepped up to the plate and took on the role of the leading member with mesmerizing vocals and an electrifying stage presence that held everyone together.

While the setlist understandably focused more on the clean vocals, the band’s unique sound remained intact, thanks in part to the guest vocal duties of Omnium Gatherum’s Jukka Pelkonen and Seven Spires’ Adrienne Cowan. Cowan’s deep and ruthless voice proved to be a surprising delight to the audience, while Jukka’s more familiar vocal capabilities were a perfect fit for the band’s sound. The night felt like a celebration of Eluveitie’s entire career as they played a mix of tunes that showcased their history from light to heavy.

It’s worth mentioning that the bond between each act was evident throughout the night, as the evening explored three rich acts full of outstanding work in the melodic and folk metal subgenres. Despite Chrigel’s absence, Eluveitie held their own and pushed their boundaries and capabilities to give the crowd an unforgettable performance. Props to the entire band for sticking it through for the entire tour, and this evening in particular, and for doing a phenomenal job that truly deserves a round of applause. We can only hope that they will return soon with Chrigel by their side once again.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these bands perform live, then you are truly missing out. The ties between the acts were palpable, and it was clear that they had enjoyed a month-long trek that culminated in an unforgettable evening. The melodic and folk metal subgenres were well represented, and the outstanding work of each band was a true testament to the talent and passion of these artists. If you have the opportunity to catch any of these groups live, don’t miss it – it’s an experience you won’t forget.




Exile of the Gods
Deathwalker – (with Adrienne Cowan)
A Rose for Epona
Thousandfold – (with Jukka Pelkonen)
Quoth the Raven – (with Adrienne Cowan)
King – (with Jukka Pelkonen)
De Ruef vo de Bärge / The Call of the Mountains
Aidus – (with Adrienne Cowan)
Ategnatos – (with Jukka Pelkonen)
Inis Mona – (with Adrienne Cowan and Jukka Pelkonen)