Photos: Armored Saint, Exmortus, Metal Church, Ozzfest meets Knotfest Camping Kick-Off Party, San Bernardino, CA, 9/23/16

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It’s been a few weeks since everyone enjoyed the fun and heat of San Bernardino, CA during the Ozzfest meets Knotfest festival but the impressions for it have been as long-lasting as you can imagine. Before the entire event took place, there was an opening show taking place in the San Manuel Amphitheater’s ground with bands like Armored Saint, Metal Church, Exmortus, Thrown Into Exile and Sinicle, who were the winners of the MI Battle of the Bands.

We couldn’t pass the opportunity to see how things were going to gear up for the rest of the day and Metal Insider contributor Karina Diane was there to capture the whole show and to talk to some of them about the festival:

Drew Zaragoza of Sinicle – Winner of MI Battle of the Bands

How did it feel to play in front of a big crowd of people for the first time?

It was an opportunity I am honored and humbled by. I don’t know if I’ve come down from the high of playing the same festival as the band who got me in to metal, Black Sabbath.

Conan of Exmortus

This is the 2nd time Exmortus played Knotfest. What made you guys decide to play it again this year?

Our agent offered us the spot and we took it in a heartbeat. These were the only fests we’ve ever been a part of and we’d love to play more; at such an event, we’re thrilled to play to our fans and to people who’ve never heard of us before.

Any different playing during the day 2 years ago vs opening night this year?

I’d say that performing to the sold-out camping crowd was a better experience, because the attention was certainly more focused and the reception much more enthusiastic.

If you can change anything about the festival, what would it be and why?

A: Maybe more traffic regulation? Either way, there’s gonna be congestion from the massive amount of people attending, but it took so damn long to get the fuck in and out of the lot. Haha.

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