You know where you are? You in Vegas, baby! That’s really logically the only place where the picture to the left could have happened. When we  saw Nicolas Cage at the KISS performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, we gave him props for respecting the rock, but since he’d been a guest on the show earlier that night, it might have been more about convenience than anything else. However, according to a picture posted to Guns N’ Roses’ Instagram account yesterday, Cage wound up backstage at a show taking place during the band’s residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, along with Andrew “Dice” Clay.

There are a few things that are great about this photo. First of all, Nicolas Cage and Andrew “Dice” Clay hanging out backstage at a GN’R concert in and of itself is great. But more importantly, look at Nicolas Cage. He’s got a cane. He’s wearing chaps and a cowboy hat. He’s wearing all sorts of funky jewelry. Also, his shirt appears to be a drawing of himself. If you’re dressed so outrageously that even Axl Rose probably took a look at him and was like ‘hey, you might wanna dial it down a bit,’ then maybe you might want to re-examine your fashion choices.