Part 1: Saint Vitus Bar’s Sudden Uncertainty

On Friday (16th), Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar came to an unexpected halt when the NYC Department of Buildings intervened, shutting down the event before headliner Mindforce could perform. The show, which featured Balmora, Godskinpeeler, xNOMADx, Discontent, and Gigan Animal Thugs, faced an abrupt end.

Promoter, LIHCshows, took to social media to address the situation, highlighting the shutdown was orchestrated by the Department of Buildings, not the fire marshal or NYPD. The promoter expressed frustration over what they perceived as a targeted attack on the venue, rather than a routine inspection.

Lambgoat reported an official complaint obtained by revealing bureaucratic discrepancies against Saint Vitus Bar, including the absence of maximum occupancy signs, potential overcapacity, an outdated Certificate of Occupancy, and operating without a Place of Assembly Certificate of Operation (PACO).

In response to the closure, the Mindforce show has been rescheduled to March 9th at the Meadows.

The incident has since raised concerns about the future of Saint Vitus Bar, but the team is actively working on finding a solution. They are expressing support for the scene as a means to aid in its preservation.