Exclusive pics: Behind the scenes at Sister Sin’s Chaos Royale video

Posted by on October 27, 2014

Today, Sister Sin’s fifth studio album, Black Lotus, was released. You might have already gotten to hear “Chaos Royale,” the album’s first single, via a lyric video. They’ve filmed an actual video for the song, which just went live earlier today at Loudwire, and today, the Gothenburg quartet have shared some exclusive pictures from the video shoot. Here’s what the band’s Jimmy Hiltula and Dave Sundberg had to say about the shoot:


Jimmy: “We started out early in the morning. The film crew put up their cameras, lights, smoke machines etc. It took a while to get the right feeling and look in there. About noon the filming started, we went on basically non-stop til the crew were happy with band and single shots. We are very happy with the end result of this video and it was a pleasure to work with 11 frames and their crew on this one.”

Dave: “’Chaos Royale’ was filmed in an old military bunker outside Gothenburg. It turned out amazingly cool! Well.. how can you go wrong with a song about ending democracy & a video that contains a yellow French Bulldog? You simply can’t! So check it out for yourselves and Hail To The Chaos Royale!!”

You can pick up Black Lotus here.


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