Behind the scenes photos of Concrete Dream’s video shoot w/ Hyro the Hero

Posted by on April 8, 2019

Photo Credit: Gino DePinto

New Jersey trap metal outfit Concrete Dream filmed a music video last weekend (March 30th). The group teamed up with director Dale “Rage” Resteghini (Fall Out Boy, Soulja Boy, Akon) to create the video for their song “Pit Trap,” which was produced by Ricky Armellino (Hawk, Ice Nine Kills). The track features Hyro the Hero, who released his first album in seven years, Flagged Channel, last year via Red Music. 

The video shoot took place at an underground warehouse in an undisclosed location, somewhere in Jersey City, which included a few hundred friends, family, and a few reps from WSOU radio. The storyline for the video is based on Jersey locals in the hardcore music scene. Before the filming completed, the group performed a few songs exclusively for their fans, which included “Catch 22” and “Relationshit”.

It was a fun shoot as Danny Diablo, Ill Niño, Eddie Leeway, Ki Bohiti, Piss Mob, DJ Stress and Omerta clothing was there as well.

Concrete Dream frontman Jeremiah Mayhem explained a little bit more about the video:

“We were trying to create the visual vibe for the new trap/metal scene and that day we did it tenfold. The set looked like Project X Meets Fight Club. With Rage directing it was poetic chaos”

Hyro the Hero expressed his excitement:

“Such a Epic time. The vibe and energy was crazy. Pit Trap music video will definitely make some noise out here in the game.”

Check out behind the scene photos by Gino DePinto below:


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